Sunrise Coast Ceara - East Coast

A complete list of the beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara or East Coast of Ceara. The beaches between Fortaleza and Canoa Quebrada and beyond to the State Rio Grande do Norte. In Portuguese the Litoral Leste do Ceara or the costa do Sol Nascente !

Map of the Sunrise Coast Ceara / East Coast Ceara


Leaving fortaleza along the Sunrise Coast Ceara and going south east Sabiaguaba is the first beach on the east coast Ceara. (17 km from the center), where the natives still, fish for pampos, gulosas, tainhas e saúnas. Sabiaguaba has a special characteristic for the formation of lajeiros and the meeting of its waters with the river Cocó.


The Restaurants on the beach are the decoy of the place. It is surrounded by dunes of clear and fine sand. On this beach are the vacation colonies of Teleceara and Coelce, 18 kilometers from Fortaleza, already in the municipality of Aquiraz.


Porto das Dunas along the east coast Ceará is where you will find the largest water park in South America Beach Park.., One of the oldest water parks in the country as well. The beautiful dunes and landscapes have brought here one of the largest tourist infrastructures in the state. Leaving Fortaleza, it is 22 kilometers to Porto das Dunas.


Tranquility is the mark of this small beach village, which has clear waters, coconut trees, and a lagoon. Prainha is also known for local handicraft trade of Ceará and is 39 kilometers from Fortaleza.

Distances between Fortaleza and the beaches along the
Sunrise Coast Ceara - East Coast.


Presidioor the Prison in Portuguese, for which the beach is named is 49 kilometers from Fortaleza the capital, which served as a place to imprison the Dutch during the taking of Ceará by the Portuguese in 1654. A beautiful beach where the tourist will find a few scattered hotels a market and and kiosks along the beach.


A quiet beach setting with calm sea and clean waters, the scenery is embellished by the presence of dunes with clear sands. Despite the beauty, infrastructure is limited but sits within easy walking distance of the village. Iguape is 50 kilometers from Fortaleza.


Barro Preto, with its dark sand - hence the name - Aguas calmas and coconut trees. Barro Preto on the east coast of Ceará, is 52 kilometers from Fortaleza, has a few hotels including the Charme Aquiraz and pousadas with chalets and camping. In the nearby craft market there are interesting local items for sale.


Botaque is 61 kilometers from the capital, a very beautiful and tranquil place. On this beach there is no electric power, but the natural attractions, such as the coconut trees, mangrove and the lagoon, of the same name, make this beach well worth the effort to visit. Meet the East Coast Ceará

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Balbino Beach is inhabited by fishermen, separating the sea and a mangrove forest. During periods of heavy rain or when the tide is high, the mangrove forest prevents the access of cars to the beach. Balbino is 62 kilometers from the capital.


Caponga Beach the fishing center of the region 76 kilometers from Fortaleza along the Sunrise Coast Ceara; was formed by the ebb and flow of the tide. Caponga offers a good infrastructure, such as hotels, beach huts and a small public hospital.


Aguas belas or in Portuguese " Beautiful Waters" has a descent infrastructure, and an especialy beautiful setting where the mouth of the Mal Cozinhado River and the ocean meet. Along this river it is possible to take an ecological tour in a small raft or croos by dune buggy to reach. You can cross the river and reach the beach of Barra Velha 79 kilometers from the capital.


Barra Nova Beach has amazing views from the top of the dunes with the natural formation of the sand along the beach. You may encounter strong undertoe although the waters are calm along the Choró river. 75 kilometers from the capital.

List of beaches along the
Sunrise Coast Ceara - East Coast Ceara


One of the most sought along the Sunrise Coast of Ceara, Morro Branco is surrounded by a magnificent cliffs. Theis is where the sand used by the craftsmen in the famous glass bottles is found. The accommodations are of a good standard and the beach is only 91 kilometers from Fortaleza. This is the principal stop for passengaers who take part in the Canoa Quebrada day trip (3 Beaches in 1 day) from Fortaleza. Has one of the most organized dune buggy trips daily along the coast of Ceara from Morro Branco to Praia das Fontes. Morro Branco has a few good hotels and is a good choice for those who prefer a destination less touristy or commercial than Canoa Quebrada.


At 92 kilometers from Fortaleza along the Sunrise Coast or southeastern coast of Ceará, Praia das Fontes colored sands and cliffs attract visitors daily. There are a few hotels and beach restaurants along the beach while Praia das Fontes is much quieter destination than neighboring Morro Branco.


With some bars and restaurants along the beach and a few comfortable accommodations, Diogo Beach is better known for the name given to the lagoon or lake,Lagoa da Açucena. A tribute namesake of the character played by actress Carolina Dieckman, in the novel "Tropicaliente", filmed in the region in 1994. It is 97 kilometers from the capital Fortaleza.


Praia da Marambaia more commonly called Uruaú, because it sits alongside the village of the same name, Marabaia resembels most typical fishing villages along the Sunrise coast Ceara. Including a beautiful coconut grove and a few simple but comfortable accommodations. It is 98 kilometers from the capital.


Sucatinga without infrastructure for lodging (108 kilometers from the capital), the calm sea and the tranquility of a small fishing village with its jangadas gives the tourist off the tourist track local experience.


Praia dos Arios, 114 kilometers from the capital on CE 040, you arrive in Ariois, considered by many as a 60's version of Canoa Quebrada. Ariois is one of those beaches not yet discovered by real estate investors and almost remains untouched by tourism.


Prainha do Canto Verde: An ecological stronghold where therw was no electric power until recently, only wind - power and some points with solar energy. Every November, the fishermen from the region unite and parade with candles in hand in defense of the preservation of their ecological system. Canto Verde is situated 121 kilometers from Fortaleza along the northeastern coast of Ceará.

Map of the Sunrise Coast Ceara - East Coast Ceara

Beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara

Distances between Fortaleza and the beaches along the
Sunrise Coast or East Coast Ceara.


The beach village namesake, due to the unusual way the natives made a living here. Two branches of a nearby salt lagoon of the salt created an exotic atmosphere. Praia do Paraiso is 125 kilometers from the capital.


Praia de Parajuru(Barrinha) With a good infrastructure that includes restaurants, inns and kiosks along the beach, Parajuru is 127 kilometers from Fortaleza.


Praia do Gamboa: One reaches Gamboa after traveling for 129 kilometers (east along the coast of Ceará). A totally unstructured beach that sometimes has one beach restaurant " Barraca" serving visitors. The mangrove serves as food for the herons of the region.


The Pontal de Maceió beach is located in the municipality of Fortim a fishing village and is well conserved by the inhabitants of the region. The beach is easily reached from the city and popular for kitesurfing and its natural caves carved out by the sea. Pontal de Maceió has a tourist infrastructure with luxury seafront hotels, bars, restaurants, beach stalls and a Central Square.

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Located 1,500 meters from the Jaguaribe River, Canto da Barra beach is little known for most tourists that visit the region. Boasts clear and calm waters, with great eind conditions for water sports, one of the best places on the east coast of Ceará to practice kitesurfing or windsurfing.

The beach has a few restaurants, fishing boats and is located 143 kilometers from the capital. You can visit the Lighthouse and the "Pedra do Suspiro da Baleia" which translates to the " Whales Breath Rock";when the tide is the full it spouts water.

FORTIM (148 km)

The city of Fortim has several several beautiful beaches and good infrastructure. The main beach Pontal de Maceió and is also the most frequented by locals and tourists alike. Canto da Barra and Agulhas Beach has a few beach bar restaurants that serve the local fish and delicious and coconut water.


Hidden behind very high dunes, Canoa Quebrada 164 km from the capital, is one of the most popular beaches on the eastern coast of Ceará; was only discovered about 50 years ago. It is said that French doctors and Italian hippies were the first to arrive there in the early sixties. The name appeared after the navigator Aires da Cunha crashed his boat into the corals of the beach, and abandoned the broken boat just beyond the surf. Sculpted on a reddish cliff, is the famous symbol of Canoa Quebrada: a half-moon with a star in the center, which although worn with time, local craftsmen kept the symbol of the place. Canoa Quebrada is an attractive natural setting, with coconut trees, dunes, reddish cliffs, and a turqoise green sea lined with the local fishing boats (Jangadas).

Beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara

Praia de Canoa Quebrada (Sunshine Coast Ceara)

Until around 1996 there was no paved road to Canoa Quebrada. Today the road between Aracati and Canoa Quebrada is paved while the village has evolved into an international destination with everything ranging from buggy rentals and comfortable hotels to good restaurants. All begins and ends on the Main Street, Broadway. The bars stay open till sunrise with the presence of foreign tourists everywhere. The restaurants, have multilingual menus. Because of its beautiful surroundings, Canoa Quebrada was once the setting of several artistic productions. Including the location for filmmaker Fábio Barreto~s production of the movie "Bela Dona", which stars Ceará's actress Florinda Bolkan. Every year, the music festival “Canoa em Canto” draws big crowds.


Porto Canoa is 164 kilometers from the capital Fortaleza. The complex is Mediterranean style architecture between the beach and the dunes that separate it from Canoa Quebrada. There is a condominium with a hotel attached with a few stores and souvenir shops. Its quiet atmosphere makes it a good option for families with children.

Beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara or East Coast.


Majorlandia is 165 kilometers from the capital, a few scattered Pousadas(small hotels) and beach bar restaurants. Attracts mostly locals and Brazilian tourists with families on the weekends.


The wide beach sits a good distance from the cliffs where one can appreciate the beach and its natual surroundings. On these very cliffs Brazilian actress Florinda Bolkan built her summer house. Praia da Quixaba is 166 kilometers from the capital on the eastern coast of Ceará. Tapera Beach can be reached from Quixaba as well.

LAGOA DO MATO (172 km)

Magnificent views of endless dunes and coconut trees, this isolated setting and caves are sought by the adventurous and divers who enjoy getting away from the tourists. The clear calm waters are perfect for bathing and appreciating the beauty of the caves.


Lined with dunes and coconut trees, the beach runs along private property, although the old entrance gives access to the beach. The slope of the land makes it difficult to walk along. Fontainha it is 182 kilometers from the capital Fortaleza.

Map of Ceara's Sunrise Coast - East Coast


184 kilometers from the capital. Take in the views of the turqioise sea and the coves, highlights the red walled cliffs of Ponta Grossa, and the opportunity to visit nearby Retiro Grande.


Retiro Grande's beach is located between the municipalities of Icapuí and Aracati yet little rarely frequented by the tourists that visit the region.


The beach is secluded and does not have any infrastructure, but the beauty of its huge red rock " Pedra de Barco" is worth the effort to visit here. 190 kilometers from the capital. The residents of Ponta Grossa are organizing to better welcome tourists. Descendants of the Moors still live in Praia da Ponta Grossa. Some locals believe that the Spaniard Vicente Pizón visited Ponta Grossa before Cabral.


The village above Praia de Redonda was built into the cliffs, surrounded by dense vegetation with magnificent views of the Turqoise Sea in every direction. 200 kilometros da capital. The village has a few scattered pousadas and beach restaurants.

Distances between Fortaleza and the Beaches along the
Sunrise Coast Ceara


The calm sea gives access to the beach along an all stone descent, bordered by coconut groves and cliffs, which later turns into a sandy path. Praia da Peroba sits 202 kilometers from Fortaleza, along the east coast Ceara.


With magnificent views from from above, one gets the impression that the beach is uninhabited. The reefs ornament the sea at low tide and the cliffs give special color to the natural surroundings. Praia dos Picos is 204 kilometers from Fortaleza.


The small beach of Barreiras is a habitat for seaweed and good for surfing. It offers visitors a few good restaurants. Praia de Barreiras is 206 kilometers from the states capital Fortaleza.


With the calm sea, immense sand banks and colorful dunes of yellow, red and gray. Mutamba is ideal for families. 209 kilometers from the capital.

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If it were not for the waters of Barra Grande, the beach of Quitérias would just be a great extension of Raquenguela Beach. The topography is practically the same, while the difference is a flat desert range that stretches beside a coconut grove. Beach restaurants and pousadas operate during high season. Quiterias Beach is 211 kilometers from the Fortaleza.


Praia de Tremembe is one of the busiest along this section of the Sunshine Coast Ceara 214 kilometers from Fortaleza. There is no lodging, but it is possible to rent houses. Tremembe offers good restaurants and bars which also serve meals.


One can sense the strength and bravado of the beach. In addition, the formation of reefs can also cause problems for the bather. The path down to the beach is not an easy one, and you often have to cross over wet sands. Yet Requengela Beach is worth the struggle once you reach the shoreline. 216 kilometers from the eastern coast capital of Ceara.


One of the beaches closest to the bordering state of Rio Grande do Norte, Melancias is a sea of ??calm and small waves with a flat sand descent. A large open area of coconut trees lies along this stretch of beach, 220 kilometers from the capital.

List of Beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara


The scenery is one of a fishing village, with scatterd homes along the calm coastal waters. Praia de Peixe Gordo is 222 kilometers from the capital.


Manibu has white sand which gains visual prominence from the waters of Barrinha do Arrombado. There are Beach restaurants stalls that draw attention to newcomers. Maibu beach is 224 kilometers along the Sunshine Coast Ceara from Fortaleza.


The last beach along the East Coast of Ceara is 227 kilometers from the capital. Frequently visited by those traveling accross the border to where a huge stone serves as a boundary and landmark between the states of Ceaaá and Rio Grande do Norte. There are a few hotels and restaurants in the area.

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List of Beaches along the Sunset Coast Ceara - West Coast
Between Fortaleza and the state of Piauí

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