Praias of Beberibe

The Municipality of Beberibe includes a 54 km stretch of Ceara's coastline including Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco! Words like indescribable, incomparable could all apply in ones best efforts to describe the natural beauty of these beaches that will  inspire you to to explore the entire coast. 

Aerial view of Beberibe

Praia das Fontes

The Falesias take the form of natural monuments along Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco adding a new dimension to Ceara's unique and relatively undiscovered shores.

Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco Day Trip or Transport
Daily from any Fortaleza Hotel R$ 45,00 !

The Praias of Beberibe make a perfect stop for visitors traveling south from Fortaleza.Almost exactly halfway between the capital and Canoa Quebrada and with the appropriate accommodations for the backpacker, families, or couples on a romantic getaway!Along the main beaches there are good "Barracas" restaurant-bars , pousadas and hotels to choose from.

praia do morro branco

Praias of Beberibe also include Praia de Uruau,Praia de Tabuba, Sucatinga, Praia dos Anjos, and others.

Each one one with its own unique beauty and characteristics.There are those that border on nothing but endless desert,still preserved in their natural state.

             Photo: Praia de Morro Branco

The local artists meticulously re-create Beberibe beach landscapes using multi colored sands in transparent jars.

handicrafts beberibe

Praia de Morro Branco

Only 5 km from Beberibe. The Praia do Morro Branco is internationally famous for cliff formations that run the entire length of the beach.

The erosive effect of the winds and water on the sand have come together to create multi colored  layers in the sedimentary rock that makes up what all call "falesias" in Portuguese.

The coast line and the surrounding  area is
a National Park. The "Parque Nacional das Falesias" is a protected area. There are stiff
fines for anyone causing damage to the cliffs.

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Praia de Morro Branco

Praia das Fontes

Located 87 km from the state capital, Praia das Fontes is known for its  calm seas and white sand. Is still inhabited by a colony of fisherman.

buggy ride praia das fontes

Landscapes which have been featured in countless Brazilian films and soap operas over the years!

The beach is completely surrounded by the dunes, and multi colored cliffs along with fresh water springs and Lake Uberaba.

One of the main attractions in Beberibe is the buggy rides over the Sahara like dunes.
The buggies are available for hire complete with drivers who line up waiting to provide
their services in front of Hotel Parque das Fontes.


Praia do Uruau 

Just beyond Praia das Fontes is Praia do Uruau and the lake that bears the same name, "Lagoa do Uruau".One of the largest lakes in Ceara and a local favorite for just about every water sport imaginable including  Jet Ski and water skying and Scuba .

view or lagoa do uruaru

In recent years Scuba Divers have been exploring the Uruau Channel and the sites of two shipwrecks  the "Remedios" and the "Siquiera Campos".

The lakes shoreline is surrounded with beautiful summer homes and "Barracas" Bar Restaurants famous for serving fresh seafood dishes and ice cold drinks!

                 Photo: Lagoa do Uruau

Praia de Tabuba

Stretches from just beyond Morro Branco to the banks of the "Rio Choro" and the borders of the Municipality of Cascavel. Praia da Tabuba's waters are always crystal clear and you will often encounter unusually large waves a phenomena the locals call "pororoca", provoked by the floods of the river. 

Barra do Sucatinga

Only 7 km from Beberibe, Sucatinga is a picturesque little fishing village completely surrounded by huge sand dunes with the jangadas lined along the beach.The friendly inhabitants still live almost entirely from the fruits of the mar.

Praia dos Anjos

Praia dos Anjos lies within the boundaries of Sucatinga, approximately 7 km from the entrance to Beberibe. Where the scene for the Globo Network TV program "No Limit" was filmed. A paradise for those who like to walk in the dunes, motocross, or 4X4 off road adventures!

Prainha do Canto Verde
There is a very little tourism activity here. The beach is an ecological refuge. The village has not been exploited by tourism. The inhabitants  dwell amongst the dunes, lagoons and coconut trees.

The headquarters for the " Forum dos Pescadores do Litoral Leste", an organization to protect the rights of the fisherman and their environment
is located here.

Praia do Paraiso

This is a totally deserted beach, located between the Lagoa Corrego do Sal and the Lagoa do Correia. The ocean has a strong under tow here making it difficult for swimming while the sunset over the Lagoa Paripueiras and the beach can be  incredible! 

Praia do Diogo

Where the sea cliffs reappear with fresh water springs arising just a few meters from the sea. The local community survives directly from their natural resources and tourism. 

Praia do Parajuru

Is a quiet tranquil place known for it strong currents, crystal clear water and good fishing.

Praia do Arios

Clear calm waters, coconut trees, near with Lagoa do Canto where you will find a village inhabited by natives behind the cliffs. Survive by fishing and making handicrafts.

Photos and info on Morro Branco here !


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