Aquiraz Ceara

Located 27 kilometers from Fortaleza. Aquiraz Ceara has a strong Indian European and African influence in their culture. In the Tupi Indian language Aquiraz translates to "water just ahead." The city also served as the first capital of Ceara before Fortaleza.

In addition to its historical and architectural significance Arquiraz includes 36 kilometers of some of Ceara's most beautiful beaches; Porto das Dunas, Prainha, Praia do Iguape, Presidio, Barro Preto and Batoque.

Local Fisherman arrive at sunset.Iguape Aquiraz Fortaleza

The beaches of Aquiraz have similar characteristics, such as a tropical climate, a constant offshore breeze and stunning landscapes where the Catu River and Sahara like sand dunes meet at the Atlantic Ocean.

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Igreja Matriz de Sao Jose

Aquiraz has several important historical buildings and monuments that pay tribute to its rich heritage, including the Church of San Jose de Ribamar (18th century), the former Casa de Camara e Cadeia (18th century), completed in 1877 and since 1967 serves as the Museum of San Jose Ribamar; the Mercado da Carne (19th century), the Casa do Capitão-Mor (18th century) and others...

the city of Aquiraz Brazil

The Municipality of Aquiraz organizes and sponsors "Navegarte" a, sports and cultural event to celebrate the art and culture of its people.

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Praia do Iguape Aquiraz

Aquiraz is an obligatory destination for anyone interested in Ceara's history and culture. Its natural and historical attractions have a special charm that will lure you back to visit this special place again!

Photos: Joselito Araujo and Helio Eudoro (Município de Aquiraz)

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