Fortaleza Airport

A few things you should know when arriving
at Fortaleza Airport.

Fortaleza Airport is a modern structure. Remodeled in 1998 and again in 2014 to handle up to 2.5 million annual passengers. The terminals are air conditioned and kept very clean throughout. It has a well organized floor plan and isn't very big. So it's really easy to get around, and better yet, get in and get out of!

fortaleza airport exterior LOCATION:
Pinto Martins International Airport
is centrally located within the city
limits of Fortaleza. Only 6 km from 
the city center and approximately 
8 km from the beaches surrounding
the city.

Pinto Martins International Airport
Av. Senador Carlos Jereissati 3.000
Bairro Serrinha/Fortaleza-Ceara
CEP:60741-900/TEL:55 (85) 3392-1200
INFO: 55 (85) 3392-1030 / 3392-1049


Once you have your bags and have made it through the swinging doors. You will find yourself on the main level which sits between the upper level and lower (ground) level. If you continue across to the other side of the terminal and exit the building you will see the taxis lined up along the sidewalk.

Buses to the city center are available on the ground level. If you have luggage or arrive late in the day they would not be the best choice of transport! There are no direct city buses to the beaches.

For Jericoacoara or Canoa Quebrada the Fortaleza Beaches buses and vans depart the airport at 6:30 a.m and Fortaleza hotels between 7:00 a.m. and 08:00 a.m. 7 days a week. Payment is upon arrival in your destination. Reservation required. Fortaleza Airport to Canoa Quebrada R$ 45.00. Fortaleza Airport to Jericoacoara R$ 55.00.


All 31 of the check in counters are on the main
level as well. After checking your bags take the
escalator to the upper level where you will go
through security and the X-Ray machines and
on to the Departure Lounges.

Conveniently located alongside the boarding
terminal are the Restaurants and Cafes including
a Bob's Burger, a Chinese Restaurant, gift
shops, and a book store, with a nice selection
of magazines.

Is available on the Main Level.

Short Term and Long Term Parking is available on the Lower Ground Level. The Rates are posted alongside the cashiers at the entrance to the parking lot. R$ 7.00 up to 1 hour, after first hour, R$ 1.50 per hour, R$ 40.00 for first (24 hours), after first day, R$ 37.00 per day.

Fortaleza Airport-Hotel Private Car Service
Passengers will be welcomed by the driver holding a sign with
their name on it.

Fortaleza Airport Taxi Service
Helpful Advice Good Tips and a Complete List of Taxi Fares 
and Destinations from the Airport.

Best Hotels near Fortaleza International Airport
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