The Best Fortaleza Bus Companies

Helpful advice on choosing the Best Fortaleza Bus Companies from Fortaleza Bus Station to the beaches along the Coast of Ceara.  

I have friends and family who take buses from Fortaleza Bus Station regularly.

The bigger Fortaleza Bus Companies are usually your best bet. Having the most up to date fleet and more buses.

Which means less chance of a breakdown and spending time on the side of the road waiting for another bus!

Fortaleza Bus Companies

If your traveling during the day try to get a seat on the shady side of the bus. That is the side where the Sun is not coming through the windows. The locals know this. Sometimes there are curtains but it can still get very hot even if the bus is air conditioned.

I prefer to travel on buses without air conditioning here. It always seems to be way to cold or way too hot and stuffy. I'll take the shady side of the bus with the window open!

Here are a few highly recommended Fortaleza Bus Companies To the most popular beach destinations along the Coast of Ceara.


Has offices and departs from 3 locations. Fortaleza Bus Station,The Airport(just past the taxis on the same level),and Beach Point (Avenida Beira Mar e Rua Osvaldo Cruz).
Telephone: (55) 85 3402-2244

Fortaleza bus company Fretcar

Fortaleza to Jericoacoara:You can buy your tickets at all 3 locations. They have two daily departures starting the trip from Beach Point, Meireles at 9:00 AM- Airport 9:30 AM- Fortaleza Bus Station 10:00 AM. The second departing Beach Point, Meireles 5:30 PM (17:30)- Airport 6 PM (18:00)-Fortaleza Bus Station 6:30PM (18:30). R$ 70.00 per person.

Schedules change in high and low Season. They are the only registered Fortaleza Bus Company that takes you the last 12 miles/ 20 km to Jericoacoara from Jijoca; with 3 converted 4X4 vehicles that hold between 23-60 people.

The last time I made the trip I didn't know about this company. My brother and I ended up on the back of a pickup truck which got stuck at one point in the dunes. We all had to get out and push!

Jericoacoara-Fortaleza: To Book your return trip in Jericoacoara. Inquire within Global Connection/ Rua do Forro / Jericoacoara. During high season book in advance!


Fortaleza-Canoa Quebrada:
Depart Fortaleza Bus Station at
8:30 AM, 11:00 AM,13:40 PM
and 17:30 PM. R$18.30 per person.
The trip takes around 3 1/2 hours.
Telefone: (85) 3361-1308

Fortaleza bus company Sao Benedito

Canoa Quebrada-Fortaleza: Depart at 6:00 AM, 9:30 AM,
12:30 PM, 14:30 PM and 17:30 PM. R$18:30 per person. Trip 3 1/2 Hours.

Recommended: Sao Benedito is the only non-stop Fortaleza Bus Company that takes you all the way to Canoa Quebrada. The other companies drop you in Aracati (10 km from Canoa Quebrada) where you would have to take a taxi or mini-van (Topik) the rest of the way.


Fortaleza Bus Station departs 7 days a week at 5:00 AM, 09:00 PM, 12:00 PM and 15:00 PM (Saturdays 22;00 departs at 10:PM). R$ 75.00-91.00. Sunday through Friday the 21;00 PM bus is Double Deck with 9 first class reclining seats on the lower level. R$135.00 one-way. Trip takes 8 hours. Tel. 85 3256-2342.

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