Fortaleza Interstate Bus Companies

Choosing the Best Fortaleza Interstate Bus Companies from Fortaleza Bus Station to the bordering states, and beyond.......

Fortaleza-Belem, Salvador. Fortaleza-Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo.


Guanabara Bus Company

For buses going to all of the surrounding States; Rio Grande Do Norte, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, and Alagoas and the Northern States of Maranhao and Para.

One of the more popular destinations from Fortaleza, Belem de Para. The city which sits at the mouth of the Amazon River. A jumping off point for exploring the Amazon.

fortaleza interstate bus companies

Fortaleza-Belem: Guanabara Bus Company: tel.4005-1992/ 4011-1950/ Air Conditioned, reclining seats, toilet. Depart Fortaleza Central Bus Station 7 days a week at 07:00 A.M.,
1:P.M and 5:40 P.M.
R$ 140.00 Trip takes 28 hours.


Intapemirim Bus Company

Highly Recommended. For buses going from Fortaleza Bus Station to SALVADOR, RIO DE JANEIRO and SAO PAULO and most other Capital Cities heading South. All Buses Depart Fortaleza Central Bus Station/ tel. (85) 3256-4511/ tel. (Fortaleza) (85) 3254-3835

The fares are listed as Conventional Class (no air conditioning) w/toilet. Golden Class
(air conditioning),T.V, pillows, w/toilet. Buses stop every 3 hours for 20 minutes and change drivers every 6 hours. See fares and schedules for each destination below.

Intapemirim bus company

FORTALEZA-SALVADOR: Empresa Itapemirim/ Golden Class (air cond.) pillows, Monday
& Wednesday's, 7:00 P.M R$ 232. Conventional Class (no air cond.) Friday and Saturday's, 7:00 P.M, R$ 232/ Trip takes 20 hours.

FORTALEZA-RIO DE JANEIRO: Empresa Itapemirim/ Conventional Class (no Air cond.), Monday through Saturday's, Departs 8:30 A.M, R$ 441. As of November 2007 this company has an Air Conditioned Bus for Rio De Janeiro. Trip takes 46 hours.

FORTALEZA- SAO PAULO: Empresa Itapemirim/ Golden Class (air cond.) Monday -Sunday (everyday), Departs 08:30 A.M, R$ 481/ Conventional Class (no air cond.), Monday-Saturday, Departs 8:30 A.M, R$ 481/ Trip Takes 50 hours.

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