Fortaleza Bus Station

What you need to know about getting to and
using the Fortaleza Bus Station!

TERMINAL RODOVIARIO ENGENHEIRO JOAO TOME is the Fortaleza Bus terminals official name. Was Contstructed in 1973 and will be celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. The building is well organized, easy to get around in, and kept relatively clean.

With fair warning, is not much to look at, but gets the job done. A daily average of over 8000 passengers. 35 Bus companies and close to 200 bus lines coming and going around the clock!

Transfer Small Bus Daily from Fortaleza Hotels to Jericoacoara R$ 75,00
or Canoa Quebrada R$ 50,00 !

Interior of the Fortaleza bus station

Couple comes through the main entrance of Fortaleza Bus Terminal and
is headed the direction of the information booth.

Av. Borges de Melo, 1630 
Bairro de Fátima
Fortaleza - CE

LOCATION: Fortaleza Bus Station is centrally located within the city limits. Only 2 miles or 3 km from the city center and 5 kms/3 miles from Praia de Iracema. Fortaleza Bus Station is accessible by at least 2 city bus lines, AV. BORGES de MELO I   and bus line AV. BORGES de MELO II.


Not the worst place in the world to get stuck waiting for a bus. There are a few restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. The Military Police are stationed there 24 hours per day. There is a Taxi Stand at the front entrance.

The Secretary of Tourism has an office on the second level. A Post Office "Correio" 200 meters/yards from the entrance. Cash Machines (No Cambio to change foreign currency), public telephones and public toilets.

BAGGAGE STORAGE: "Guarda-Volume" near the main entrance. For up to 12 hours R$ 3.10(small bag) R$ 6.20 (large bag), Additional periods of up to 12 hours R$ 2.00 (small bag) R$ 4.00 (large bag). MAKE SURE THE BAG IS LOCKED.

PARKING: There is a large fenced in parking lot. The rates and a warning posted "Not Responsible for Items Left Inside the Vehicle." Rates are the following, R$ 2.30 for the first hour, up to 3 hours R$ 6.00. The rates may vary per hour or for up to 24 hours. (Reasonable rates but I wouldn't leave my car there overnight!)

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