Fortaleza City Beaches

The main Fortaleza city beaches are Iracema Beach, Meireles Beach and Murcuripe Beach. This is where you will find the best restaurants hotels and nightclubs. These turquoise ocean beaches make an impressive backdrop for Fortaleza's attractive waterfront skyline!

Aerial view of Meireles Beach and Mucuripe Beach

                                                  Aerial view of Meireles and Mucuripe,  Fortaleza

The boulevard that runs along the Fortaleza city beaches has a tiled promenade for its entire length which makes it ideal for walking or jogging in the early evening! There are "barracas" restaurant-bars scattered along the way where you can relax, enjoy a cold drink and people watch!

Futuro Beach, stretching for 7 km along the southeast perimeter of the
city, is the most popular of the Fortaleza city beaches and unlike the 
others the water is clean and safe for swimming. 

Transfer Small Bus Daily from Fortaleza Hotels to Jericoacoara R$ 75,00
or Canoa Quebrada R$ 50,00 !



Iracema Beach is the farthest north of all the Fortaleza city beaches. With the highest  concentration of restaurants and bars.

For many couples the evening starts by watching the sunset from the pier which
the locals call the "Ponte dos Ingleses"


Iracema has a wide variety of restaurants and bars. Although some of the fancier places are over priced. The "Estoril" operates out of what is one of Iracema's most historic buildings, Rua dos Tabajaras 397, and has excellent regional dishes.

One of the best pizza parlors in Fortaleza
is "Gabriele" just across Avenida Almirante Barrosa from the BR gas station.

The owner is Italian and has been there for many years. People come from all over the city to eat in this special place!


Iracema is well known for its nightlife   with the most popular night clubs on    Rua dos Tabajaras. The neighborhood  gets busier as the evening goes on.  

Iracema Beach is home to the night club famous
for what various publications have called
one of the best Monday nights out anywhere!

Fortaleza City Cultural Center "Dragao do Mar" is located on Rua Dragao do Mar 81. A huge complex that includes a contemporary art museum, planetarium, theatre with live shows and restaurants.  


The Dragao do Mar Cultural Center,  Iracema  

meireles beach fortaleza
Meireles Beach is centrally located between
Mucuripe and Iracema. The Avenida Beira Mar
runs along its entire length and where you
will find most of Fortaleza's best hotels.

Year round people come out in evening   for
a wide range of activities. From walking and
jogging to just reading the newspaper or
watching the sunset.

Your choices for places to dine are endless. There are those specializing in national and international cuisine, Japanese, Italian, the "barracas" restaurant-bars along the promenade, or the pizza and fast food joints.

Feirinha Artesanato MeirelesThe "Feirinha de "Beira Mar" Handicrafts Fair is a great place to browse for souvenirs,   post cards and t-shirts.There are handmade dresses,hammocks,table clothes and linens.

Bottles of "cachaça" the local whiskey,  cashews and much more. The local artists   are everywhere selling their paintings and woodcarvings.


      PRAIA DO MUCURIPE             

Mucuripe Beach Fortaleza

Mucuripe Beach is adjacent to Meireles Beach and
is the furthest south of the Fortaleza city beaches. Walking along the tiled promenade you will see the "jangadas" fishing boats lined up on the beach.

As you approach the end of Avenida Beira Mar
you find yourself in the middle of an open fish
market where people come from all over the
city to buy fresh fish, lobster and shrimp.

Across the street is one of the most popular "sorvetarias" icecream parlors in Fortaleza.
Boasting over 50 flavors!

Including sherberts! Many of which are made with some of the fruits that are popular here in Ceara! A few local favorites are Açai, Caju, Cupuaçu, Mango and Maracuja. You can experiment before you order. Just point to the flavor of choice and the attendant will put some on the tip of a disposable spoon!

        PRAIA DO FUTUROFuturo Beach Fortaleza

Praia do Futuro is the place to go for anyone who wants to take in the full Fortaleza Beach experience. All you need is your bathing suit, sun block and sandals.

The tables complete with umbrellas are lined up all the way up to the surf. Just sit down order a drink and relax!

If you are planning on wind surfing, kite surfing or other beach activity. 
It may make more sense to book your hotel here on Futuro Beach.

The Vila Gale is the best Hotel in both the 4 & 5 Star Categories on Praia do Futuro.
Take a tour of the Vila Gale!!

" The Marbello Ariau " is on the beach with all the comforts of home. Has discounted rates for extended stays. Friendly service and free transport to Iracema in the evening!

Local favorites are "Agua de Coco" coconut juice, best when served in its natural state and the Brazilian national beer "Antartica"! 

agua-de-cocoCrabs-CaranguejosA few of the"Barracas" restaurant 
along Futuro Beach are famous for fresh seafood and live music in the  evening.
Two of the most popular dishes are "carenguejos"crabs and "Peixe frito" fried fish!

"Chico Carangueijo" and "Croco Beach" have excellent food, a playground and a pool for children. Both "Barracas are near the lifeguard stations.The under tow on Futuro Beach can be strong and caution should be taken.

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