Praia do Iguape

The Praia do Iguape along with Porto das Dunas, Presidio, Barro Preto and Batoque, all lie within the Municipality of Aquiraz, stretching for 36 kms along the coast of Ceara.

Praia do Iguape

Iguape is located 44 kms from Fortaleza, and has one of the best street carnivals in Ceara. Every February the city gets crowded with mostly Brazilians who also spend weekends and vacations here in summer homes.

Much of the area has not yet been developed. There are beautiful views  overlooking the Catu River from the main highway. 

You can hire a dune buggy to take in all that
this beautiful place has to offer, exploring the beaches and lagoons hidden amongst the sand dunes and mangroves.

nas dunas Aquiraz
The beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and friendly people make Praia do Iguape a local favorite and great place to spend a few days during your visit to Fortaleza Ceara! Praia do Iguape has a variety of good hotels and restaurants to choose from and a great place to find high quality handicrafts.

Praia do Iguape

The beach is quite calm year round but does gets frequented by surfers and those who practice sand boarding. Although it seems the fisherman and their jangadas will always be the main attraction.

Praia do Presidio

Praia do Presidio is located 43 kms from Fortaleza. only a few kms from Iguape, near  Lagoa Encantada. The town is small but beautifully situated, with dense vegetation and a natural water source. If you are visiting this region don't miss this amazing place!

Praia do Presidio has its place in the history of Ceara as the place where the Dutch held their prisoners, during the taking of Capitania by the Portuguese in 1654.

vista aerea praia do presidio

The majority of visitors stay in summer homes, yet Praia do Presidio has one of the best hotels in the area. The Jangadeiro Hotel  is oceanfront on the most beautiful stretch of the beach. It's popular with families and couples escaping Fortaleza on holidays and weekends.

Praia do Barro Preto

The beach of Barro Preto is full of shiny black sand crystals, thus giving rise to its name which in Portuguese means "black clay". Located 45 kms from Fortaleza and 2 kms from Iguape.

Barro Preto's main attraction is its natural beauty. The water is crystal clear. The beach is decorated with coconut palms and mangroves.

Fishing is still the main source of income and there are a few pousadas, restaurants and a campground for those who want  to rough it..

praia do barro preto

Among the "barracas" bar-restaurants, Dom Geovani's Erotic Energy Bar is probably the most well known. Geovani is also referred to as the "Beach Sheriff". They serve exotic foods and you can bathe with coconut shells!

Praia do Batoque

The tiny fishing village of Batoque is located 51 kms from Fortaleza, and 8 kms from Iguape. This coastal community survives by fishing and fighting for the preservation of the site.

Besides its natural beauty Batoque is a quiet and peaceful place and does not get many visitors.

Yet there a few good pousadas in the village and "barracas" along the beach that serve delicious regional dishes.

praia do batoque

Photos:  Joselito Araujo and Helio Eudoro (Municipality of  Aquiraz)

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