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Why Fortaleza Beaches are the Brazilians'
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Spectacular beaches with fine white sand and turquoise waters stretch for 640 kilometers/400 miles. The Coast of Ceara divided by picturesque fishing villages, nestled between desert dunes that rise to 50 meters above the sea.

350 days of sunshine annually and a daytime temperature between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius (86-90 F) keeps the water temperature a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius (80 F). The Trade Winds supply a constant offshore sea breeze that makes it perfect for sunbathing or any beach activity.

It is no secret why Brazilians with 7300 kilometers/4500 miles of coastline to choose from make Fortaleza Beaches their number one holiday destination.

When family and friends visit us we take them up the coast by Land Rover. An experience of a lifetime! The joy and pleasure of sharing this incredible trip inspired us to build this site!

We are very familiar with the Coast of Ceara and fishing villages along the way. All that follows is based on what my family and I have learned by both living and traveling here along the Coast of Ceara.

How do you pick one or two of the best beaches to spend your Holiday? Not an easy task. BUT we can help you decide based on what kind of activities you are interested in. Whether it is rest and relaxation, adventure or a combination of both.

List of Beaches along the Sunrise Coast Ceara - East Coast Ceara

List of Beaches along the Sunset Coast Ceara - West Coast Ceara


The Sunset Dune, one of the famous Jericoacoara post cards !

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