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Check every inch or the car for scratches, dents or damage both inside and outside the vehicle. If you find something bring it to their attention, or you could be held responsible!

Check to see that the gas tank is full. Your suppose to start with a full tank.
You must fill the tank before returning the car or you could pay up to R$ 5:00
per liter for them to fill it.

Make sure you have your passport, drivers license and the vehicle registration.

Make a note of Emergency contact numbers and instructions.

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Cars in both Class A and Class C are usually standard shift!

Familiarize yourself with all the controls and switches in the
car. Lights windshield wipers etc.

A Fire Extinguisher is mandatory here in Ceara. Make sure 
you have one (its usually under the front seat)

Familiarize yourself with Portuguese road signs.


The Speed Limits are in kilometers per hour.

There are heavy fines for not wearing seat belts. 
Required for both the front and back passengers. 

Fortaleza Car Rental
What you need to know about Fortaleza Car Rental Rates,
Contracts, Insurance Coverage (deductibles),
Service and Vehicle Availability!

Fortaleza Airport-Hotel Private Car Service
Passengers will be welcomed by the driver
holding a sign with their name on it.

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