Feast of Saint Francis
Caninde Brazil

Caninde Brazil

Feast of St. Francis Caninde Brazil: With approximately 71.235 habitants (est. 2000) is 108 km from the capital Fortaleza in the central interior of Ceara. Famous for its spectacular Basilica of Saint Francis and what is the second largest pilgrimage for the Feast of Saint Francis in the world.

History has it that Francisco Xavier de Medeiros of Portugal who was living along the banks of the Caninde River, began construction of the Chapel of "Sao Francisco das Chagas" in 1775. It was completed in 1796.

Caninde Ceara

The locals prefer to call him "Little Saint Francis" which translate to “São Francisquinho”. With Caninde, etymologically meaning "your bosom" "your bed " it goes without saying that those who visit this magical little city soon feel at home and filled with hope that their prays will be answered.

In Caninde, the pilgrims cry on the lap of Saint Francis, allowing them to sleep peacefully, feel protected and relieved of all pain and suffering.

The feast of Saint Francis is a spectacular event with over 2 million people each year coming from all over Brazil and beyond.

The people of Caninde open their doors with open arms and tell you that "those who come will return once again, and those who do not will never forget." 

Caninde Ceara

The faithful participate in Northeastern Brazilian style processions, showing appreciation for having their requests answered by Saint Francis and for feeling their faith with more intensity than ever before.

During your visit to Caninde Brazil, don't miss participating in the ceremonies at the Grotto of Saint Francis and the celebrations that take place in Praça do Romeiro.

You will find a variety of arts and crafts including religious items for sale such as statues, paintings, rosary beads, medals, candles
and photos.

Caninde Brazil

Art and culture has long been a tradition in Caninde and still lives on within local artists. Magno Calixto, is a perfect example of this over coming many obstacles and never giving up to continue his work. A professor by day, spending his free time teaching theatre, singing and dancing.

Caninde Ceara

Working for over 10 years at night organizing shows and folk dances for his group Xiquxique. Creatively building the props, background scenery and costumes. Even organizing the transport for the group with his Volkswagen van. Magno Calixto is an inspiration for all and a wonderful example of the spirit of Caninde.

Visit the blog: XIQUEXIQUE

Saint Francis Caninde Brazil

Basilica of Saint Francis Caninde-Ceara.

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