Friends In Fortaleza

The Friends in Fortaleza Newsletter brings you the latest additions to a family's local perspective on "Fortaleza Ceara" ! My family and I are devoted to giving our visitors only
the best Fortaleza hotel, destination and transport options!

After all if someone was coming to visit your hometown, wouldn't you be  more qualified
to tell them about the best places, than someone from somewhere else?

Friends In Fortaleza

We want and your " Friends In Fortaleza " Newsletter to be your most reliable information source for Fortaleza and the entire state of Ceara.

We are fluent in both Portuguese and English and available to answer any questions you may have about your visit.

Friends In Fortaleza

Every month we will bring you up to date on current events, new web pages or anything that we feel may make your visit to Fortaleza more enjoyable!

FORTALEZABEACHES.COM operates as a travel agency and is registered with the Ministry
of Tourism. Giving us the opportunity to pass on to you, local discounts on transport and at some of the areas best hotels. Just fill out the contact form!


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